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We have had great programs in April and are excited to share with you.

  • Meet Pension, pictured above, the newest "employee" of the Largo Police Dept. Department. Pension will be a therapy resource for the officers, dispatchers and staff of Largo Police, particularly after traumatic calls. Speak Up was able to sponsor him through the donations made in memory of Haley Fuhs, the Curtis Fundamental SAVE Club's community giving project and Speak Up. Pension will be visiting Curtis Fundamental in May so the students can see first hand what their efforts accomplished. One of our 2024 goals was to sponsor a mental health canine and we achieved that goal with Pension. Cathy Fuhs and Dawn got to meet Pension and he put a smile in their hearts knowing that Haley and Scott will be remembered through him. We thank Largo Police Chief Loux and Sergeant Haley Sequeira for partnering with Speak Up to help their staff reach their "pension" years in a healthy mental well being state of mind.


  • We hosted our first community event at The Tarpon Boys and Girls Club in April. It was free to all attendees. It was an amazing event, we had over 130 people attend, all sharing positive feedback about the event. We had 20 vendors sharing the free resources that they offer to our community as well as activities for the kids. We also had the Tarpon Fire Dept. there with the ladder truck, Tarpon Police gave out free bicycles, and Move Safe Pinellas fitted the kids with bike helmets and a photobooth. We also had a baby alligator, Fluffy and two owls, Rufous and Owl Pacino attend. Thank you to everyone who attended, volunteered, participated and to JWB Pinellas for supporting us with a community grant. We can't wait to host another event.


  • Dawn presented to the Youth Leadership High School group and the middle school group that attends Safety Harbor Recreation Center. We had an open discussion on mental health, how to recognize that you or your friends may need help, how to offer that help, and many other topics. The students were very receptive and engaged. She also had the opportunity to participate in the Boley Youth Center Staff Retreat. The theme was self care and involved a self care bingo game with prizes and a meditation session. What a great group of people, so much fun.


  • As mentioned in our March Newsletter, We have started our window cling initiative in Pasco County with the support of the Pasco County Sheriff's Department. This decal is designed to inform police officers that someone with a mental health condition resides there. It is another resource that could improve interaction between First Responders and a person in a mental health crisis as well as assist with the safety of everyone involved. The decal is recognizable by law enforcement but has no identifying information that it is related to mental health, which supports the privacy of the resident. If you live in Pasco County and would like more information about this decal please email Dawn. We are hoping to bring this to Pinellas County after a meeting with the Tampa Bay Police Chiefs in July. Who knows, this initiative may expand to other counties.


  • Again a thank you to the White Family Foundation for awarding us a grant that will allow us to expand and continue our summer youth mental health programs. We will be working with four youth centers and have been planning the new activities and the schedule with the Education Directors. We are so grateful that we can work with the youth again to continue to improve their mental health through interactive fun projects.


  •  Thank you to the Love IV Lawrence Foundation for awarding us a grant proposal

    " Let's Talk: You Matter" that is designated for programs and materials to work with Pinellas County Schools. We have already had conversations with PCS and We will be offering programs to the student and parents to educate them on mental health, mental illness and suicide awareness. We are grateful for this opportunity, since it is an essential part of lowering the suicide rate among youths and improving their mental well being.


  • Thank you to the JLP Forever Foundation for their generous donation made in the memory of Joe Pappas. These funds will go to local programs in Tarpon Springs.


    Please follow us and share our Facebook page, Speak Up: Let's Talk About Mental Health Non Profit to stay up to date with our accomplishments and events. Check out all our pics of Pension and our Community Event.

    I will also post more pictures on our website.  


    May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we will be posting information to help you and others with improving mental health.


Speak Up has grown quickly during the past two years and we are proud of our accomplishments. It is our way of helping others in honor of the ones we lost too soon. We have many more innovative ideas we want to bring to our communities and we can not do that without your donations of funds and time. All donations are appreciated and we are seeking more local business and corporate sponsorships. If you know of anyone who would be interested in sponsoring Speak Up, please email Dawn @




More Events Coming Soon

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