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A quick update on what we have been busy doing in October to bring mental health education to our community.

  • We donated a Buddy Bench to Mattie Williams Center. This is a bench that a child sits on when they are having a rough day and need some extra support from the other children. The children are taught what this bench is for and use it for that purpose. There was a news clip about our donation on Channel 10. Buddy Bench 6pm.mp4 | Powered by Box

  • Dawn had an opportunity to train Port Charlotte Dispatchers in de-escalation skills when interacting with someone in a mental health crisis.

  • We co-sponsored a Family Night with Cops n' Kids.  It was an amazing event with close to 60 people in attendance. The kids got to paint a canvas and t-shirts while spending their time with family members. It is important to have that time together.

  • Dawn is now a member of JWB North County Council and is looking forward to working with the other members to determine the needs of the youth and how we can offer them what they need.

  • We will be sponsoring and participating in a Youth Alley for Safety Harbor's Third Fridays beginning in November. We will be working with Artfluent Creatives to organize activities that the kids will want to participate in.

  • We will also be working with some of the youth community centers to offer after school programs that will incorporate art and music in the curriculum.

  • We are working with Pinellas County Schools to offer a panel/program that will address mental health and suicide awareness. Once our presentation is approved, we will begin offering this to high schools in 2024.


Some other items in the works but wanted to keep this short and a reminder of our fundraiser. We need your support to continue to make a difference in our towns.



More Events Coming Soon

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